What we can do for you.

Dairy Sheds

RBE has a long and proud history of building dairy shed complexes, and can provide a wealth of industry experience. 
We have built many herringbone and rotary designs over the years and acquired an extensive list of satisfied farmers.


Our great team of qualified engineers build structural steel and pipework for all our dairy sheds, equipment and plant repairs.
We can also undertake general engineering as required - contact us to discuss options.

Silage Bunkers & Feed Storage

RBE manufactures its own precast walls, either free standing or supported inside earth bunds for silage bunkers. We can also build to any size in accordance with client requirements.

Feed Pads

We can design and build feed pads - either covered or open.

Effluent Solutions

RBE can offer a range of solutions for effluent management, including precast sumps/separators, above or in ground effluent ponds, tanks.

Precast Concrete

RBE manufacture all required forms of precast concrete to suit any design or requirement.


Our fleet of diggers, bulldozers and trucks allow us to undertake site works, carting of fill and general farm excavation inducing race forming/maintenance.